Established:  1950

Location:  USA:  Whitestown, Indiana

Headquarters:  Switzerland


  • powRgrip® Systems: for high-end machining-reliable performance for high-speed milling and drilling
  • micRun® System: high-precision for microtooling
  • ER System: for standard machining-the original ER clamping system

REGO-FIX is well-known for providing superior products that offer unmatched precision and quality.  It is because of this that our products excel in industries where high-end, high-tolerance product applications continue to grow and increased product demands call for even tighter tolerances.  Aerospace, medical, automotive, firearms/defense and 3C manufacturing as well as job shops and die mold companies all turn to REGO-FIX as they continually strive to build a better product and stay competitive.



Rego-Fix Clamping Force Torque Comparison Video

Rego-Fix powRgrip

Rego-Fix powRgrip Manual Pump

Rego-Fix Case Studies

Rego-Fix ER Collet Nut Comparison

Rego-Fix Torco Block

Rego-Fix Re-Cool

The Original ER Collet

Rego-Fix TIR Run Out Comparison

Rego-Fix Taper Cleaning Device

Rego-Fix ER PH Floating Reamer Chuck

TechChat Tuesday Video

QuickFlex with powRgrip

powRgrip Series Options

ER Nut Torque

intRlox “MX” Anti-Slip Nuts

ER secuRgrip

PG Tap Collets

powRgrip Extensions

powRgrip Collet Options

ER Nuts Part 1

Torque Tightening Options

Pull Stud Torque

Er Collet Tips

ER 11 Coolant Options

ER Tapping


ER Nuts Part II


Why do ER toolholders crack?

Floating Holders

QuickFlex:  How it Works

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