Established:  1950

Location:  USA:  Whitestown, Indiana

Headquarters:  Switzerland


  • powRgrip® Systems: for high-end machining-reliable performance for high-speed milling and drilling
  • micRun® System: high-precision for microtooling
  • ER System: for standard machining-the original ER clamping system

REGO-FIX is well-known for providing superior products that offer unmatched precision and quality.  It is because of this that our products excel in industries where high-end, high-tolerance product applications continue to grow and increased product demands call for even tighter tolerances.  Aerospace, medical, automotive, firearms/defense and 3C manufacturing as well as job shops and die mold companies all turn to REGO-FIX as they continually strive to build a better product and stay competitive.



Rego-Fix Clamping Force Torque Comparison Video

Rego-Fix powRgrip

Rego-Fix powRgrip Manual Pump

Rego-Fix Case Studies

Rego-Fix ER Collet Nut Comparison

Rego-Fix Torco Block

Rego-Fix Re-Cool

The Original ER Collet

Rego-Fix TIR Run Out Comparison

Rego-Fix Taper Cleaning Device

Rego-Fix ER PH Floating Reamer Chuck

TechChat Tuesday Video

QuickFlex with powRgrip

powRgrip Series Options

ER Nut Torque

intRlox “MX” Anti-Slip Nuts

ER secuRgrip

PG Tap Collets

powRgrip Extensions

ER Toolholders

Collet Storage

ER Extensions

powRgrip Collet Options

ER Nuts Part 1

Torque Tightening Options

Pull Stud Torque

Er Collet Tips

ER 11 Coolant Options

ER Tapping

RegoPLUS Holders

Microbore Collets

Solutions for Medical Manufacturing


ER Nuts Part II


Why do ER toolholders crack?

Floating Holders

QuickFlex:  How it Works

PGC Manual Press

Rego-Fix App

CAPTO Toolholders

Standard & Ultra Precision Collets

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