About On Target Tooling, LLC.

On Target Tooling, LLC is a company established as a Marketing company/Manufacturers Rep firm catering to companies specializing in the field of metal cutting. The company seeks to bring back the idea that “quality“ representation can make a major difference in the sales of a given supplier. Today’s “traditional” manufacturer’s representative’s focus on selling too many product lines, many of which overlap, through an ever-weaker distribution network. Additionally, many manufacturers’ representative organizations lack the organizational skills, technical expertise, and sales skills necessary to make the difference in performance that many suppliers are seeking.

On Target Tooling, LLC fills that need.

On Target Tooling has a team of highly technical and specialized Regional Technical Engineers that will provide unsurpassed value, technical support, and complete solutions to end users, distributors, and both machine tool builders  and distributors alike.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace/ Composite Machining
  • High Production Automotive
  • Component Machining
  • Mold & Die Machining
  • Medical/ Swiss CNC/ Small Part Machining
  • Gear Manufacturing/ Wind Energy


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