Prime Tool

Established:  2005

Location:  Taoyuan City, Taiwan

USA Warehouse:  Chino, CA

Products:  Modular Tool Holders, 2 piece Tool Holders, Collet Chuck, End Mill Holders, Face Mill Holders, Shrink Fit Holders, Screw-In Holders.

Prime Tool specializes in manufacturing tool holders of the finest quality as well as high-precision machine parts. In addition to quality, Prime Tool is able to maintain a commitment towards saving Earth’s resources through the utilization of efficient machining. In part, this is accomplished from using the most advanced facilities in the world. To ensure that our tool holders not only meet, but exceed the demands for High-Speed, High-Precision and High-Performance machining, we solely manufacture with state of the art equipment such as More-Seiki, Studer, Brown & Sharpe, Leitz, and many others.


Prime Tool was established in June 2005 as a subsidiary of X’Pole Precision Tools, Inc., and we officially merged with our parent company in October 2009. For over 30 years (EST. 1983) X’Pole Precision Tools has maintained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer for Air Tooling, capturing over 70% of the market share. As a complement to X’Pole’s success, Prime Tool has set out to accomplish the same goal, but this time in the high precision tool holder market.  Henceforth, Prime Tool will continue as X’Pole’s flagship brand name.

We also provide complete and innovative solutions, as well as creative patented technology to overcome technical problems.  As a result of utilizing our technological innovations, our customers have been able to achieve new levels of efficient production and thereby manage to stay ahead of their competition. With over 30 years in the manufacturing industry we strive for perfection and never sacrifice quality.


Our unsurpassed manufacturing ability and strict Quality Control process ensures that our products are of the highest quality, consistently, throughout the manufacturing process.  We will strive to satisfy our customers’ needs and help our customers keep pace in a modern world with cutting-edge technology by providing:

  • Exceptional Quality:  To meet or exceed the customer’s requirements and high manufacturing standards by maintaining consistent quality at an AT3 to AT1 grade level!
  • Competitive Prices:  By making precision tool holders that offer longer tool life, higher machining speeds and reduced machining time, our customers will not only appreciate the precision and accuracy that they’ve purchased, but the overall value as well!

Competitive prices without compromising quality.


USA I-System Catalog

USA CAT40 / CAT50 Catalog

T14 Straight Shank Collet Chuck



The Infinite Tool Holder System utilizes a patented tool holder base available in the most popular machine tapers featuring eight different “IR” coupling sizes. The base and couplings have highly accurate ground pilot diameters and threads providing excellent concentricity and rigitidy to allow limitless tool holder lengths.

The Infinite Tool Holder System provides the ultimate in customer interchangeability.

Modular Video

I-System Tool Holder Selection Process

Use the following 3 steps to build your set-up as needed.


Select machine taper base holder with suitable coupling size.


IR08, IR8S, IR11, IR16, IR20,IR25, IR32, IR40


Select end piece for clamping of cutting tool.

ER/ER Mini Collet Chuck
End Mill Holder
Shell Mill Holder
Screw In Chuck
Slim Collet Chuck
4.5°/3° Shrink Holder


Select extension with base coupling that matches base holder and front end coupling size that matches the next extension or end piece.

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