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Production LED lamps for Industry

SOMM.IT with the experience accumulated over the years, and with the need for good lighting on their machines tools, start the LED lamp manufacturing.

By testing directly on their machinery and developing a high quality product, combined with modern LED technology, which, with the same illumination, gives an energy saving of 50% to ‘80% compared to conventional halogen lamps or neon, with a duration in time much higher and with many advantages “resistant to vibration, zero emissions UV rays, small size, white light.

Since 2010 SOMM.IT is present with their lamps also in the American market being the partnership of a major company specializing in the sale of machine tools markets in the US, CANADA and MEXICO.


Flex 80 Stack Light

Serie Roma L18 120 LED-25W

Serie Roma L09 54 LED-13W

Serie Roma L36 240 LED 4W

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