MST Corp.

Established:   1937

Location:  Nara, Japan

USA Warehouse:  Chicago, IL

Products: Collet Chucks, Slimline, Milling Chucks and Shrink Fit Holders

Japan’s machine-tool industry is one of the best in the world. For 27 years, since 1982, it has been No.1 in market share, and it should maintain this position into the future.  We are the first Tool-Holder manufacturer in Japan, having been founded in 1937.  Our original, unique products have earned a reputation as having “the best technology and quality in the industry”, and our products are greatly appreciated by customers worldwide.


Full Slimline Catalog

2 Piece Design

Mono Curve Design

Cleaning Tool

Smart Grip

HSK-T for Mazak Machines

Tooling System

HSK-T Tooling Systems

Facemill Holders

Shrink Fit Cooling Station

Slimline Z


We support distributors across the United States.

Please contact us at 262-219-9129 or [email protected] for more information.

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