Precision Cutting Tools, Inc.

Established:  1963

Location:  Sante Fe Springs, CA

Products:  Endmills, Carbide Drills, Drill Mills, Routers, Specials

Precision Cutting Tools, Inc. is one of the premier cutting tools manufacturing firms in the United States. Since its founding in 1963, our company has earned a reputation among metal & cutting tool industries for professionalism and commitment to excellence in service. Based on our broad experience in a full spectrum of manufacturing endmills, PCT professionals bring a big-picture perspective, independent judgment, and sound technical thinking to any Special Per Print Tools to fit individual customer requirements.


Precision Cutting Tools is proud to offer the most complete selection of in-house made and in-house coated tools in the Western United States. We stock a full line of end mills; from High Speed Steel, M42 (cobalt), PM4, PM30, PM60 (powder metal), to High Performance Carbide, and in the most popular sizes and configurations, from 2 to 8 flutes in right hand or left hand cut; ball ends, chamfers, radius…your possibilities are endless!

Thanks to our experience in manufacturing a broad range of end mills, our technicians can contribute not only sound technical advice but also a ‘Big Picture’ perspective to tool design and fabrication.



PCT has been in the business of manufacturing end mills in Southern California since 1963. Over the time our High Speed Steel, Cobalt, Powder Metal and now Carbide tools, have consistently made it to the top of the list of some of the world’s most demanding companies. This success is been accepted as a tooling supplier to some of the better known names in the aerospace & manufacturing industry, in large part as a result of putting out an outstanding product ,our dedicated service and a vision for the future. We are convinced that a combination of the above factors will enable us to further gain ground in our realm of business and result in exceeding customer expectations. We will always deliver high quality products that combine performance with value pricing for our customer.

PCT High Performance Drills

PCT 577 Series 5 Flute Variable End Mills

Tool Selection Chart

PCT 677 Series 6 Flute Variable End Mills

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